Our Sustainable Actions

Our commitment is total. We are probably the last generation capable of effectively fighting climate change and biodiversity. The urgency is absolute and we all have a responsibility to act.

The dirty truth about bottles

The beverage industry has changed very little over the last 70 years.

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Beverage Factories
bottled filtered water + concentrate

Ship bottles across the world to retailers

Consumer transport bottles home

Bottles are discarded and very low recycled

91% of the plastic is never recycled

of plastic per liter

of CO2 per liter

of CO2 per liter

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Our Approach

We focus on you!
No middlemen, less transport, less waste.

We ship direct to your door the flavor cartridges and filters. 

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One single device to create healthy drinks for all your family

of plastic per liter

of CO2 per liter


Certified Clean & Profitable Solutions

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