— About us

Water is beautiful.
You are beautiful.



Yes to healthy beverages.
No to overpolluting. 

Bello was founded out of a desire to make healthy beverages more sustainable and accessible to everyone. We were tired, to constantly have to choose between our health and the environnement. Tap water is not attractive, often contaminated while bottled beverages are an ecological disaster.


The beverage industry is built on a model that hasn’t changed since 50 years, where you usually grab an expensive bottle in-store, consume it, discard it and restart everyday.


It’s time to says goodbye to feeling guilty or left out when it comes to hydrating yourself, and to welcome a new way to drink water: your own. With Bello, enjoy drinking clean water, infused with the most refined ingredients, made in Canada.


For those who want to take pleasure in drinking water, who are tired of buying bottles, or who are curious about experiencing personalized hydration, we can’t wait to take the journey with you. 

You can see a little girl drinking a glass of Peach Iced Tea from the bello Home. It shows you how easy and quick the drinks are made.

Drinking water deserves to be celebrated.

—The founders

Clement Bouland

Marc Schaal

On this picture, you can see the two co-founders of bello. On your left, you have Clement Bouland. On your right, you have Marc Schaal.

Marc comes from a recognized French organic/biodynamic winegrower family. For generations, his family has been devoted in creating the most refined wines. Marc has developed the same passion with water.

Clement grew up in the French Alps. He is a brilliant engineer. 
In search of meaning in his work, he decided to co-found Bello with the desire to rethink the statu quo of the beverage industry..