Shot, shot, shot!

Do not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water, it is best to drink small quantities of water throughout the day as opposed to large quantities at a low frequency.

Recommended daily water consumption

1.1 L per day

Infant 1-2 years old

Toddler 2-3 years old

1.3 L per day

Children 4-8 years old

1.6 L per day

Adult women

2.0 L per day

Adult men

2.5 L per day

Pregnant women

1.3 L per day

Lactating women

2.7 L per day

*Studies show that drinks represent 80% of your daily intake

Wait, what's in
our water?


Immune system 
Nervous system
Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory role


Bones and Teeth 
Blood pressure
Nervous system


Acid-base balance 
Blood pressure 
Compensates for the negative effects of excess sodium

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Minerals are substances essential for the functioning of our body. They play a key role in building bones and teeth and help maintain heart rate, muscle contraction, neural conductivity, and acid-base balance.


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Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant 
Protects cells against radicals
Stimulates collagen synthesis

Vitamin B12

Helps in the formation of red blood cells
Balances the nervous system 
Energy production

Vitamin B6

Against stress & fatigue Associates with magnesium

 Energy production

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Vitamins play an essential role for our organism, as they perform essential functions in all biochemical processes of the organism: among others, they regulate the metabolism, facilitate the release of energy, and examine important functions in the synthesis of bone and tissue.



Promote restful sleep

Melatonin is a supplement and is drug-free

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Melatonin alleviates difficulty sleeping (insomnia) by adjusting the body clock and regulating sleep cycles. Melatonin is naturally produced by the brain in response to darkness to help you sleep at night. Conversely, its level decreases during the day to promote wakefulness. For people who have naturally low melatonin levels, intake of this hormone decreases the time it takes to fall asleep and increases the duration of sleep.

melatonin 💤


Boost of energy

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Caffeine is a mild stimulant. At low doses, caffeine increases intellectual performance in sports. Its effects start within an hour of consumption.