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Filter & Infuse Water 
with bello Home


Get the water you deserve

How Bello Works


—Turns tap water into refreshing, great-tasting water. 

One activated carbon filter to remove bad taste and over 66 contaminants.


— Infuses water with pods to reveal all the flavors and benefits.
We have concentrated the best ingredients into pods, to easily enhance your water to perfection.

Wooden Surface
Rendering - Bello - pour keynote.107.png

Choose your Water.
Choose Your Flavor.

Lemon Water

One Pod makes up to 15 servings

This is the ginger we use in the Lemon Ginger Pod by Bello.
This is a lime leaf we use in the Lemon Ginger Pod by Bello.
This is the lemon we use in the Lemon Ginger Pod by Bello.
This is a lime leaf we use in the Lemon Ginger Pod by Bello.
image (81).png
This is pitcher, picturing our bello Home. Bello Home is 18 times cleaner than all the water pitcher.

18x Cleaner
than your water pitcher

This is a hand with a leaf on it. It represents how sustainable bello aim at being. Indeed, we help you reduce your impact on the evironment.

Replaces water bottles

This is a drawing of a person with multiple choices representing how bello Home enables you to personalize your drinks endlessly.

Flavors, flowers, vitamins into your water

This is a drawing of money as we are 5 times cheaper than an equivalent beverage bottled.

5x Cheaper
than an equivalent beverage bottled

Drink More 
Healthy Water.

Eradicate Contaminants

Our plant-based activated carbon filters are certified by NSF 42, 53 and 401, and enable us to eliminate a wide range of pollutants.

Remove :

Fresh-Tasting Water

Fresh-testing water provides a healthier lifestyle with better-testing beverages (coffee, tea, smoothies...)

Benefits of drinking enough clean water :

Bello Home


Carbon filter

6 months


Infuses water


> Contaminants removed

> Filtration system

> Lifespan of the filter

> Installation

> Particularity

> Maintenance price/year

Pitcher Filter


Granulated filter

1 month

Takes 5min to filter

Bacteria Development


Reverse Osmosis

100 but removes essential minerals

4-7 filtration steps

6 months

Electricity, plumbing work, faucet

1L of purified water = 3L of wasted water


This is a pitcher filter. We are comparing it with our revolutionary water dispenser, bello Home.
This is a reverse osmosis. We are comparing it with our water dispenser, the revolutionary bello Home.
This is the Bello Home, drawn.

Get a Rid of Bottles.

A New Way To Drink Water at Home. 

Bello allows your family to create their own healthy water at home. We thoughtfully design, create a sustainable way to consume, and connect people to their hydration routine. 

This is a drawing of the bello Home, picturing you that the water tank is easily removable to fill it up.
This is a drawing of the bello Home picturing your the filtering process.
This is a drawing of the bello Home picturing you how to add a flavor in your drink through our Pods by Bello.
This si a drawing of the bello Home picturing you how drinks are easy to made with ou revolutionary water dispenser.

Fill the water tank

Enrich your water

Filter your water

Drink more!

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