A deep desire
to change the beverage industry for the better

Why is there no such thing as a pleasant tasting drink
that is not bottled?


Marc and Clément asked themselves the question in winter 2020 with the conviction that it was possible to create a completely new experience.
The idea, that tap water should be a platform to create attractive, fresh and crispy drinks. 
This is how Marc and Clément decided to develop their water dispenser bello™ Home. Enabling people to purify and personalize their tap water with flavors, essential minerals and vitamins at home.

Story behind Bello

January 2020

Kickstart of the project. One guideline, no compromise. how should the ultimate drink be?

  • Ok, first it should be sustainable

  • It should be incredibly good in taste and customizable

  • It should help to drink more water

April 2020

Well, let's do it!
First prototype entirely designed & built by our Team
Technology validation


July 2020

Solar Impulse designates Bello as 
1 of the 1000 Clean and Profitable Solutions


September 2020

Engineering & Design Validation
+600h of 3D printing


December 2020

Filling our first patent pending on our technology


March 2021

First batch of Bello Home ready for intense beta testing 


The best is coming

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Story of the founders

Rolle Pass

Clément Bouland

Clément grew up in the French Alps.
He is brillant mechanical engineer who previously worked for a famous E-Cigaret unicorn in the Silicon Valley.
In search of meaning in his work, he decided to co-found Bello with the desire to rethink the statu quo of this industry.


Marc Schaal

Marc comes from an organic vineyard in Alsace, France, where his family has been obsessed for generations by producing some of the greatest wines of all time. Today, with bello, Marc wants to bring the same authenticity and the same quality to the water industry.